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Biden Taunted Putin Into WWIII And He Might Get His Sick Wish

Biden Taunted Putin Into WWIII And He Might Get His Sick Wish

The Mike Church Show Episode #1937

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Joe Biden D-Day Commemoration

  • This dude stood up and gave a speech.

  • He proceeds to talk about how WWII is similar to the war Ukraine is fighting against Russia.

  • The patience of the Russian Bear may be wearing thin.

  • The Russians will not play games w/ us.

  • They fight wars to win.

HEADLINE: Why America needs a monarchy: A Glorious Revolution could heal the nation by Michael Cuenco

  • Americans expect much from their president — some would say too much. He is not only regarded as head of state, but as an all-powerful economic wizard and social engineer, in addition to being a media celebrity. Candidates offer up a platter of promises only to face disappointment when they fail to deliver: it happened to Barack Obama and Donald Trump, and it is happening again to the incumbent.

Donald Trump Felony Charges

  • Stop saying he was convicted of 34 felonies.

  • There were 34 charges but it was ONE felony.

  • There were 34 COUNTS.

  • So why is the Hunter Biden trial happening right now?

  • Why is the Biden Regime allowing their Prince to be publicly shamed now?

  • They are going to find him guilty, he will be sentenced to house arrest.

  • They will slap an ankle bracelet on him and they are doing this so when Judge Merchand gives Trump jail time, they will say see, the justice system does work.

  • So Hunter is the sacrificial lamb so to speak.

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