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J-6 Revealed: Pelosi Lied, Patriotism & Patriots Died

J-6 Revealed: Pelosi Lied, Patriotism & Patriots Died

The Mike Church Show Episode 1939

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Joe Biden Juneteenth Celebration

  • Jill doesn’t seem to care her husband is slurring his words and craping his pants.

  • Maybe it was always HER dream to be in the WH and she is willing to let the old man go in public and be the way he is for the whole world to see.

  • His brain is waisting away.

  • I’m starting to feel sorry for him.

  • There is no way this old man can debate.

  • You can see week over week that he is getting worse.

  • He isn’t going to make it folks.

  • His body yes, he seems to be able to walk etc but his brain is gone.

  • Is this Jills payback?

  • Did he treat her so poorly that she simply doesn’t care about his state now?


Nancy Pelosi and January 6th

  • Video has surfaced of Nancy Pelosi in a car taking the blame for no National Guard being called in for January 6th.

  • What if 10,000 troops would have been called in?

  • Armed National Guard troops would have been the deterrent and there is NO WAY MAGA people would have gone into that building.

  • They wanted this to happen.

  • That is the only conclusion a critical thinker could come to.

  • You have to think what is selfish and then you see why they allowed this to happen.

  • They aren’t patriots, they only think of themselves.

  • They wanted to stop the certification of the vote that day and that was the ONLY goal of allowing that to happen.

  • Trump even stated that Pence was going to do the right thing.

  • If it were successfully done, there would have been court cases that would have been expedited and SCOTUS would have had to weight in.

  • One of the lawsuits plainly stated - the Constitution says it is the state legislatures that determine time & place of elections.

  • This was all about decertification.

  • Georgia was still being counted.

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