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It's Official: The Biden Regime Has Tuned Loose 9.3 Million Illegals!

It's Official: The Biden Regime Has Tuned Loose 9.3 Million Illegals!

The Mike Church Show Episode # 1942

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HEADLINE: Secret Democrat plot to replace Biden revealed: How Clinton, Obama, Pelosi and Schumer would topple the aging President… and when they'd do it by Charlie Spiering

  • Latest incident, former president Barack Obama was seen on Saturday reaching for Biden's hand and seemingly guiding the 81-year-old Commander-in-Chief off the stage at a Los Angeles fundraiser. 

  • That came after Biden stood motionless and stared blankly for a full minute at a Juneteenth celebration at the White House on Monday, as others sang and danced around him. Eventually, Philonise Floyd, brother of the late George Floyd, noticed Biden's concerning pause and wrapped his arm around him to help.

  • Why does he continue to freeze all the time in public?

Boston Celtics -

Coach Joe Mazzulla devout Catholic

Back To Biden

  • What is offensive about Make America Great Again?

  • Why does this statement invoke anger in the left?

  • What is wrong w/ making something that is in decline great again?

  • Let’s look back into history to Woodrow Wilson.

  • He was so incapacitated that his wife would forge his signature.

  • What does this have to do w/ Biden you ask?

  • The left has a long history of hiding the well-being of their leaders.

  • Roosevelt - he spent the entirety of his adult life the fact he couldn’t walk.

  • He wore a massive steel brace and it is in the Presidential museum and it is noted as weighting about 10 pounds.

QUESTION: What will you not see on the stage when Trump is speaking?

ANSWER: You won’t see any ‘handlers’.

  • The ‘leader of the free world’ can’t amble around w/o the assistance of others.

  • This is what this party does.

  • They practice deception at every single turn.

  • The Deep State is showing some cracks here.

  • We know about Hillary Clinton and now John Kerry were both running a secret email servicing racket.

  • They are telling us what we see w/ our own eyes is a lie.

  • They live in a world of their own making and they expect you to do the same.

  • They expect you to believe this b/c you believed you were going to kill grandma w/ COVID if you didn’t get the vaccine, they expect you to believe it b/c you now think men can get pregnant, they expect you to believe whatever they say b/c you have before.

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