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Hunter's Conviction Is The Next Domino In "Operation Get Trump"

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Hunter's Conviction Is The Next Domino In "Operation Get Trump"


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Hunter Biden Convicted

  • He was convicted yesterday on all 3 counts.

  • Hunter was convicted of felony gun charges and that very afternoon The Big Guy has a speech at Gun Sense University?!

  • Do they really think we are all that stupid?

  • Give them credit, this is a really good plan.

  • We knew this was coming.

  • We know this is but a peg or stage in the scheme that leads to November 5th.

Joe Biden Gun Sense University

  • He threatened the American citizens again.

  • He also stated you cannot own a cannon b/c it goes against the Constitution.

  • Why does the ‘leader’ of the free world continue to threaten it’s citizens?

  • He also claimed he was a 2nd Amendment professor at UPenn.

Rachel Maddow

  • She claimed yesterday that Trump was basically building concentration camps for people like her.

  • She hates men, all men and really hates Trump b/c he is an alpha male and she just can’t stand it.

  • When do we have time to build such things Rachel?

  • The average American is working their butts off just to keep up w/ inflation and keep a roof over our own heads.

  • We aren’t sneaking out at night and building little villages for the dumb.

  • You can’t make this stuff up.

  • They really think we want to kill them.

  • It’s ironic that they are the party of killing and violence and yet they insist WE are the vicious group that want to kill them all.

  • They willingly kill innocent children at any developmental stage so they can’t wrap their heads around the fact we don’t.

Fulton County Georgia

  • What is happening there folks?

  • You guys listening on 1010 The King, what is going on over there?

  • You elected a pathological liar, she thinks she is actually above the law and this is trickling down in your court system.

  • So what is the responsibilities of the District Attorney?

  • How did the indictment of Trump and 21 innocent people ever pass a grand jury there?

  • They are still arguing over if Willis can try the case or not.

  • The Georgia Senate has had hearings on this already.

  • Judge Ural Glanville - do you know what he did in his court room the other day?

  • He had a lawyer thrown in jail on contempt.


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