This was by far the best interview I've heard between you, and a guest to date. Thank you for this one.

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Thank you! It's easy when you have great guest material to work with!

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I haven't read the Unhumans book yet -- it is out this week on Amazon. But it has been in my sights.

If the authors are approaching their subject the way I think they are.....what they are discussing is totalitarianism, of which Communism is one version. It began in earnest in North America in the mid-60s. The signs were everywhere, but almost no one at the time picked-up on what it was. Seemed like Freedom! Progressiveness! The Age of Aquarius! Which was the hook, actually, to lure the punters. Trap them through their vanities.

The Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov attempted in the 70s/80s to get the word out about how the Communists capture American minds. But it bounced off.

I have spent decades trying to point this out. I find it almost amusing that it was only after the West was well into the COVID scamdemic that questions started being raised. People such as Joost Meerloo and Hannah Arendt and Gustave Le Bon had asked these questions a very long time ago.

This phenomenon of totalitarianism in the modern West has been visible for over 60 years, but the trouble was that most folk were blind. The totalists were taking their time to butter-up their prey.

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