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Told Ya So: The FBI Was Used To Frame Trump

Told Ya So: The FBI Was Used To Frame Trump

The Mike Church Show Episode 1916


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FBI Top Secret Set Up

  • It has now been proven that the FBI brought in Top Secret files to stage the images we saw from Mar-a-Lago.

  • They staged the evidence and brought some w/ them.

  • How crooked do you have to be to do something like this to a former President?

HEADLINE: Did Federal Agencies Plant Classified Documents To Frame Trump? by Joy Pullmann

  • Explosive information dropped late Friday afternoon. Several new pieces of evidence indicate it’s even possible federal employees planted classified documents to frame Trump.

Lindsey Graham and Nuclear Weapons

  • Joe Biden was asked why he was withholding weapons from Israel.

  • I actually agreed with Biden yesterday and I can’t believe it.

  • He said they wanted to be sure that Israel was contemplating the human impact on Rafah.

  • What is happening here?

  • Are we really discussing nuclear war in the Middle East?

  • When you say Israel you are talking about a government or a state.

  • When you say Jewish people, well there are Jewish people all over the world.

  • Are ALL the Jews everywhere okay with this and do they all have to be defended from Hamas?

Vacate the Chair Vote of Speaker Mike Johnson

Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene -

  • She was actually booed yesterday in the House when she suggested this.

  • The uni-party is in full view now.

HEADLINE: Georgia court grants Trump's motion to consider removing Fani Willis from case by Hayden Cunningham

  • The Georgia Court of Appeals has agreed to hear an appeal filed by former President Donald Trump to review a lower court's ruling that allowed Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to continue prosecuting him in his election case in the state.

Stefanie Gregory Clifford (aka “St***y D*****s”)

  • I can tell you what they are trying to do here.

  • She has absolutely NOTHING to do with this trial.

  • So why did they allow Stormy to testify?

  • This is an assassination - him personally, him politically….every way they can.

  • This is a total attempt to just destroy this man.

  • They want his money.

  • By the way, what happened to that story?

  • It was a crazy amount and it was all the rage and then poof, its gone, the story is gone.

Matt Gaetz and Peter Navarro

  • Why is Congressman Matt Gaetz being denied access to Navarro?

  • Remember when Louie Gohmert, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz would try to see the January 6th prisoners?

  • Remember Louie said, “Pal we are members of Congress and we pay for this jail and we want to see how these people are being treated.”

  • This jail has been under the control of the Biden Regime the whole time.

  • What does Peter Navarro know that Matt Gaetz simply can’t be told?

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