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Enjoyed this, Mike! Thanks!

“You don’t know who’s playing you, and what they’re playing you for.”

Oh, boy, so true!!! Just look at the absolute mess that large comments sections have become when it comes to people deciding to trust someone or not these days. The nightmare of AI magnifies that like crazy, when we may no longer be able to tell the fakes from the real things. Saw a small quiz on Notes about real vs AI-created images- current tech remains imperfect, and you can still find the little flaws- but given more time—? Which is why we are being pushed towards adopting virtual reality as a bigger part of our lives- so much easier for them to manipulate everything.

Haha, I still have cassette tapes and the original Sony boombox from the late 80s. But my first iPhone was the 6- which I’m still using, although also have a 14 now (nothing else in between!)

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