I had a D-uh moment today regarding this climate/green initiative going on. I was trying to apply logic to the question, “What’s the rush?” Even if they’re incorrect science was true and the world is in danger, certainly we need carbon based fuels while we convert. You wouldn’t jump off your life raft until the rescue boat arrived even if it had a slow leak! Then I had my D-uh moment...If they don’t make us convert sooner than later, their failed science will be proven false. Greta and AOC claimed 12 years left 4 years ago. If we don’t convert 100% within that timeframe their sham will be exposed for what it is. But if we go along and the world doesn’t end, THEY will be proven correct and heroes. Maybe if we can stave this effort off for 8 years we will possibly have a chance to return to reality. Maybe. Spread this around.

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