Ah, yes, rewriting history to demonize those horrible Catholics once more, digging up graves metaphorically speaking, to revise the story and blame all the evil deeds upon those Papists.

And yet, many will continue to watch this drivel and believe the lies.

Thank you for writing about this. I haven't got cable/sat TV, so glad to be missing this rubbish.

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I was going to comment about this but you beat me to it with a definitive and accurate assessment. I oddly had DVR’d the premier episode of 1923, but hadn’t watched it until Sunday. I never watched 1883 but was intrigued by the star power of the cast of 1923. I have followed and watched Yellowstone from the start, but my interest has waned because of the lack of character development and growth. Okay, Beth is a bitch, Jamie is a controllable wimp and John Dutton is a one dimensional Neanderthal that is more interested in chasing tail than bringing his family together. So I’m about done! Taylor Sheridan has a great resume of movies that remain in my favorites, but his ventures into streaming series TV has been found lacking. Maybe he’s spread too thin, but that is on him. Yellowstone is about to crash and his prequels are not up to snuff. I watched the premiere episode of 1923 and was interested in the background of the Dutton’s, but I blinked and found myself watching a sadist/voyeur escapade against the Catholic Church! Where did that come from? “What are you watching?” Screamed my wife! I said, “Give it a minute and see if this makes sense”. It never did and I turned it off and deleted the recording. Where’s his research to support this attack on Catholics? I have heard good things about his new venture Tulsa King, maybe that’s where his talents are concentrated? In the meantime, his Yellowstone franchise is going down in flames along with credibility and the “Taylor Sheridan” brand. And brand is a difficult thing to recover from!

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