This is an interesting interview that popped up on my feed yesterday:


if you are unfamiliar with Diane Walsh Pasulka (I was) she is a practicing Catholic and has a few published books. One, "Encounters" is will be available in November. The above interview is an easy listen because she is funny, non-judgmental and well versed in her field (and the landscape around her field). I listened and then found an interview she did with Lex Friedman (not a huge fan but like him better with her than without) which was also absorbing.

Yeah, one has to wonder if this "reveal" stuff isn't merely a distraction or a limited-hang. Nonetheless, I find it not boring at the moment.

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Easy answer:

Does the Bible reference Aliens? Bear in mind - the term will be different because this term wasn’t linguistically created when the Bible was written.

1 additional note: if you say something along the lines of, “I believe the alien story is true because God mentions these in verse / chapter.” ....that means you are willing to use Gods word when it suits your needs.

Do I think the Bible references Aliens ....No. However, if there is a verse and translation that I’m missing - by all means - what is it?

But, for now, let’s celebrate our similarities: we both believe that Gods written word is factual!!!!

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Jun 7, 2023·edited Jun 7, 2023Author

Did I say "aliens" is in the Bible? If I did, it wasn't me and someone doctored the tape you heard. God's written word isn't "factual", it has facts in it but it's not all "facts" (e.g. is the parable of the vineyard workers "factual"). It IS the inerrant WORD of God ("And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us").

You know what else ISN'T "in the Bible"? The word "Bible".

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Hey Mike,

You didn’t say aliens. I’m providing a biblical basis for answering the question posed in your title.

You do need 1 major correction to the note above:

The Bible is factual. To say otherwise is ludicrous to a Christian.

Now, yes, I know there are a litany of “Christians” who try to pick and choose sections of the Bible to consider factual. No one need look further than the mass of “hypothesis” trying to tie the Bible into the billion year planet myth.

The Bible is Gods word. No believer gets to pick and choose which parts they want to follow.

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