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The Stupid Party Handed Dems The Gavel & Us The Sandwich

The Stupid Party Handed Dems The Gavel & Us The Sandwich

The Mike Church Show Episode 1914


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Governor Greg Abbott - Letter to Regime Leader Joe Biden

Texas National Guard -

  • This is what is known as a ‘trial balloon’.

  • The Regime Leader is attempting to assume power over states National Guards.

  • He is floating the idea out to see if he can take over the Texas National Guard and then he would move on to other states.

  • They want the states and Governors that have been giving this Regime a problem.

  • Let’s just see what Governor Abbott does.

  • Well you are probably thinking why would they do this TKD?

  • Did you hear Rep Maxine Waters the other day?

  • QUESTION: What is going on w/ the Space Force that they need to beef up the number of people in it?

  • Is there a war in space we don’t know about?

  • What do they know that we don’t know?

  • Then you have Rep Hakeem Jeffries out there saying that he is basically running the House even though the Republicans have a slight majority in the House.

  • So why would he come out and give the head fake on that?

  • Where does this leave Speaker Johnson?

WallStreet Silver on X - What have you stopped buying because it’s just not worth it?

HEADLINE: I visited the world's last Blockbuster, and the video-rental store took me back to my childhood by Molly Allen

HEADLINE: The Real Threat To The U.S. Economy Isn’t Election Integrity, It’s Joe Biden by M.D. Kittle

  • The real threat to the economy is Joe Biden, his buffoonish treasury secretary and the rest of the capitalism-crushing useful idiots in this dangerous administration.

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