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The Satanic Reality of AI

The Satanic Reality of AI

How And Why It Must Be Stopped - EPISODE 1


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HEADLINE: The Universal by Paul Kingsnorth(excerpts courtesy Paul Kingsnorth, please subscribe to his Substack, here) 

Let’s start with Paul Kingsnorth’s The Universal

I could write about what online reading has done to concentration spans, what smartphone use has done to social mores, how the brains of young children have been rewired by tablets and screens. I could write about social credit systems or facial scans or vaccine passports or online porn or cyber-bullying or cobalt mines or the decline of journalism or the death of the high street. So much content is on offer - and it’s all free!

Nothing I can say here would be anything like as extreme as the impact that the digital revolution has had on our cultures, minds and souls in just a few short years. Everything has changed, and yet the real changes are only just beginning. By the time they are finished, unless we pay attention, we may barely be human at all.

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Joe Rogan show done by AI - thousands watched it and didn’t even know it wasn’t Joe Rogan.

The video is horrifying because it features a CGI Image of Joe Rogan, MADE by the AI

  • Their voices are scripted by AI.

  • They sound just like Joe Rogan.

  • The AI picked Altman as the interview subject.

  • The music, composed by the AI.

  • If this doesn’t scare the crap out of you…I don’t know what will.

  • This AI technology has no boundaries. 

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BACK TO: The Universal by Paul Kingsnorth

Question #1 - Why does digital technology feel so revolutionary?

Of course,  no moratorium resulted from this plea, and it never will. The AI acceleration continues, even though most AI developers are unsure about where it is heading. More than ‘unsure’ in fact: many of them seem to be actively frightened of what is happening even as they make it happen. Consider this one chilling fact: when polled for their opinions, over half of those involved in developing AI systems said they believe there is at least a ten percent chance that they will lead to human extinction.

To compare AIs to the last great technological threat to the world, nuclear weapons, says Harris, would be to sell the bots short. ‘Nukes don’t make stronger nukes’, he says. ‘But AIs make stronger AIs.’

This is absolutely terrifying! 

Question #2 - What impulse is making this happen?

Question #3 - What if it’s not a metaphor?

Ezra Klein - “I often ask them the same question: If you think calamity so possible, why do this at all? Different people have different things to say, but after a few pushes, I find they often answer from something that sounds like the A.I.’s perspective. Many — not all, but enough that I feel comfortable in this characterization — feel that they have a responsibility to usher this new form of intelligence into the world.”

What they are “ushering in is Anti-Christ through the reality that AI has become. More from Kingsnorth,

They are trying to steal the gods themselves - or to build their own versions. 

Humans are fundamentally religious animals. We are drawn towards transcendence whether we like it or not. But here in the West, we have dethroned our old god, and now we can barely look at him… and replaced him with Ahriman.

Ahriman will offer to mankind the most exalted earthly organisation of well being and prosperity. He will offer honour, riches, luxury, enjoyment, physical comfort, and delight. Seekers of earthly things will accept Ahriman and will call him their master. Ahriman will reveal before mankind by means of cunning artifice, as in a theatre, a show of astonishing miracles, unexplainable by contemporary science. He will instil fear by the storm and wonderment of his miracles, and will satisfy the [worldly wise], he will satisfy the superstitious, and he will confound human learning. All men, led by the light of fallen nature, alienated from the guidance of God’s Light, will be enticed into submission to the seducer.

I cheated a bit there, I admit. I changed one of the words. The name that the saint used in that passage was not ‘Ahriman’. It was ‘Antichrist.’

SO - WHO or better yet WHAT SITS on our throne now?

  • If I’m understanding what Kingsnorth is writing here, you try to stop one of these AI what are the other 39 going to do?

  • I don’t like James Cameron but you might want to go watch where this demonic reality is ultimately going to look like… watch it this weekend, ‘cause I believe Cameron got this right…it’s called the Terminator. 


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