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The Elite's "Intelligent Design" Plan In 2 Minutes

The 500 Year Plan To Eliminate Pesky Humans Has Human Executioner's Ready To Flip Baphomet's Switch

Just watch. You don’t need me to explain what was said by Yuval Novo Harari at Davos in 2018 (this clip) and again in 2019 and 2020 (their Plandemic scrubbed the 2021 seance).

The WEF Davos Cabal has placed many demonic homewreckers in high places but 2 of them are now in Carrion Comfort like trances, executing their “intelligent design” plan on seemingly hapless Canadians, deprived of the 1 weapon they had, all the way up to the late 1960’s, to completely repel this evil: The Faith.

Now WEF operatives and Friends of Dr Harari, Trudeau and Freeland have made their move. (those links are WEF bios of their heroic operatives, not gateway pundit-esque hysterical claims).

This is not surprising and some of us have known of this battle which , whether Harari likes it or not, is all about The Intelligent Designer and the scheme to finally obliterate His creation the Dark Prince and his minions despise most: us.


Back The REAL Blue.

No. Really.

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The New Christendom Daily
Mike Church