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The Death of Catholic Ireland Has Been Greatly Exaggerated!

The Death of Catholic Ireland Has Been Greatly Exaggerated!

With Host of Celtic Connections,Paul Macaree, LIVE From Belfast!

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Paul MacAree from Ireland Host of EWTN’s - Celtic Connections in Walsingham 

Saint Patrick - 

  • He fell away from the faith as a boy at the age of 16 he came back and used many years of his life in prayer.

  • This is 1,500 years after Saint Patrick and we will still celebrate him tomorrow.

  • One of those Feast in the calendar and his is remembered the world over.

  • They either have Irish blood in them or they have a devotion to him or they just like to celebrate anything.

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  • Saint Patrick was a very strong, masculine man.

  • He wasn’t an effeminate type.

  • He was captured at 15-16 years old we don’t know where he was captured from but it was Irish Pirates and sold as a slave.

  • He tended sheep there for 6 years.

  • St Patrick believed he was suffering b/c he wasn’t saying enough prayers.

  • He then said he prayed 100 times a day.

  • He would go out into the snow and pray.

  • This is when he had his major conversion. 

  • The Lord told him how to escape and he did, then he managed to get on a boat to France.

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  • This is all described in his manuscripts. 

  • He then felt the calling to be a Priest, then became a Bishop.

  • An angel from Ireland appeared to him - Come Back Holy Youth come back to us. 

  • He went back to Ireland and then he fell in love w/ Ireland.

  • 1600 years the hospitality of the Irish - 

  • Pope Saint Celestine - 

  • Let’s go to the topic of abortion in Ireland - 

  • Read Saint Patricks Confessions.


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