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The Cult of Death Does Not Offer Quarter

The Cult of Death Does Not Offer Quarter

Tucker Carlson was removed from prominence by a diabolical force most folks cannot comprehend or want to admit

From today’s Mike Church Show on The CRUSADE Channel.

Tucker Carlson and Fox News

  • You people that laugh and joke about Tucker leaving, none of this is fun.

  • We have had many many producers and on air hosts leave us.

  • It isn’t easy or fun for any business to replace someone.

  • We’ve done it and it takes WEEKS sometimes months to replace an on air talent.

  • There honestly isn’t much of a bench.

  • From the WH Press Briefing room Jen Psaki asked for Tucker to be fired.

  • From the House Speaker Chuck Schumer singled Tucker out and said Rupert needed ‘do the right thing’ with regards to Tucker Carlson.

  • Should the FCC come by your radio station

  • 1. Who is your current board operator do they have a current FCC class operators license? 

  • 2. You keep a copy of anyone that puts hands on the board.

  • 3. They will ask to see your logs on what commercials you play the duration and the times they are aired.

  • We are no fan of the FCC but they do make sure if you are awarded an AM or FM broadcasting antenna, they require you to do a coverage map. 

  • Once that coverage map is filed that is what it is, they won’t let anyone else open a radio station in YOUR coverage area.

  • The FCC does NOT get involved in on air talent!

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HEADLINE: Tucker Carlson Fired By Lachlan Murdoch; Here's What We Know via ZeroHedge 

  • When you work in this business, you kinda’ know or you plan that every single day could be your last on air w/ that company.

  • It is a hostile market.

  • The HighWire didn’t start its own network, it is really hard to do!

  • QUESTION: Why do I say CNN would be a good landing place for him?

  • QUESTION: How did CNN get it’s foothold? 

  • NBC paid $15 million for having Megan Kelly for 6 weeks.

  • QUESTION: Where does all of this leave cable news? Where are those eyeballs going?

  • When everyone is a Tucker Carlson, no one is a Tucker Carlson.

  • So what was Tucker’s demise? 


Undeclared Wars and Never-ending Wars

  • You want to avoid war at all cost.

  • The 1st casualty of war is truth.

  • Everything you heard in that clip is actually being done.

HEADLINE: New Court Document Leak Shows Driving Force Behind Fox News' Decision to 'Move On' from Trump by Kyle Becker 

  • This sick relationship goes beyond nepotism. 

  • Once you are in, you are in.

  • What does Paul Ryan know about broadcasting?

  • A new court document leak from the lawsuit between Fox News and Dominion Voting Systems sheds new light on the network's decision to 'move on' from Donald Trump.

  • Fox News letting go of Tucker Carlson and Dan Bongino, as two of the strongest conservative voices on Fox News, surely signals a pivot away from the pro-Trump base, although longtime veterans Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham remain. It bears watching if Fox News cuts ties with more pro-Trump voices ahead of its 2024 election coverage.

  • It is very rare you make deep long lasting friendships these days.

  • Super Fans become friends in our situation