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So This is How Liberty Dies, With Little Blue & Gold Flags!

So This is How Liberty Dies, With Little Blue & Gold Flags!

The Mike Church Show Episode 1906


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Ukraine Flags Fly in Congress

  • Sad and pathetic sight to see the House waving small Ukrainian flags.

So this is how liberty dies -

  • It is interesting to note the amount of dollars and cents just doesn’t matter anymore.

  • How this guy, Speaker Johnson, survives is beyond me.

  • Rep Thomas Massie said it is time for Johnson to just resign.

  • Rep Lindsey Graham said on Sunday that this was all sanctioned by Donald Trump.

  • Supposedly Trump demanded that in this bill there would be the stipulation of a loan and that it could be rescinded when/if Trump gets into the White House.

HEADLINE: Lindsey Graham Crediting Trump for Ukraine Aid Passing Raises Eyebrows by Gabe Whisnant

  • Anytime the word bi-partisan appears, just run as fast as you can from it.

  • Nothing good ever happens from bills that are passed in a bi-partisan way.


33 Year Anniversary of The King Dude being behind the microphone!

WSLA Radio 1560 AM

Bill Clinton -

  • In 1992 the only cable news was CNN, Fox didn’t come around until 1997 or so.

  • The place most people got their news was by newspapers or magazines.

Sheetz Gas Stations

HEADLINE: EEOC Sues Sheetz, Inc. For Racially Discriminatory Hiring Practice by US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

  • According to the lawsuit, Sheetz has maintained a longstanding practice of screening all job applicants for records of criminal conviction and then denying them employment based on those records.

HEADLINE: Flouting Congressional Will, the Biden Administration Rescinds Women’s Rights by Eileen J. O’Connor

  • The enactment of Title IX of the Education Amendments in 1972 marked a turning point in the lives of girls and women in schools and colleges throughout the United States. For the first time, this federal statute prohibited discrimination on the basis of sex in educational programs that receive federal financial assistance, which can be as minor as school lunch programs or tuition assistance. Thanks to this law, more than ten times as many women and girls now participate in athletic activities in K-12 schools and in institutions of higher education than did fifty years ago.

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