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Revealed: What Really Happened In The Peachtree State In 2020

Revealed: What Really Happened In The Peachtree State In 2020

The Mike Church Show Episode 1918


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HEADLINE: Boeing Starliner's first astronaut-crewed flight launch called off due to stuck valve by Leah Sarnoff and Gina Sunseri

  • The Starliner is designed to carry a seven-person crew, but aboard the "test drive" launch will be NASA astronauts Barry Wilmore, 61, a former U.S. Navy captain who will be commanding the flight, and Sunita Williams, 58, a former Navy service member who will be piloting the flight.


HEADLINE: 50 Governors Oppose Federal Plan to Move National Guard Units: ‘Power Grab’ by Jack Phillips

  • A brainchild like this doesn’t come out of the Pentagon.

  • This is straight from the WH and the Biden Regime.

  • This is just an execution that comes directly from the President.

  • They all serve at the leisure of the President.

  • This is his brain child.

  • If the President didn’t authorize this, he could then Thanos snap it out of existence.

  • So what is this Regime up to?

  • “Governors must maintain full authority as Commanders in Chief of these assets to effectively protect operational readiness and America’s communities,” their letter, signed by 48 governors, stated.

  • “Legislation that sidesteps, eliminates or otherwise reduces Governors’ authority within their states and territories undermines longstanding partnerships, precedence, military readiness and operational efficacy,” the letter said. “This action also negatively affects the important relationships between Governors and DOD at a time when we need to have full trust and confidence between the two to meet the growing threats posed by the era of strategic competition as well as natural disasters.”

  • If you have Democrat Governors also saying no to this power grab, what does that say for the sitting President that is running for re-election?

  • The only governors who didn’t sign the letter are Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. However, both sent their own respective letters opposing the move.

  • Read the 10th Amendment - this is a simple 10th Amendment case.

  • 10th Amendment - The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

  • I still want to know, what is Biden doing?

  • There has to be a reason why they want the National Guard Troops at their disposal.

  • NAME THE TWO DEMOCRATS that have been Speaker of the House since the turn of the century - Nancy Pelosi and Mike Johnson


Georgia Elections

  • You live in one of the most corrupt counties in Georgia if you live in Fulton County.

  • Yesterday there was a hearing that basically concludes that there was in fact some issues.

  • To the tune of over 300,000 ballots.

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