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Sacrilege! Biden, On His "More Abortions" Tour, Signs Himself While Promoting Death!

Sacrilege! Biden, On His "More Abortions" Tour, Signs Himself While Promoting Death!

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Joe Biden in Florida

  • This is basically his abortion tour.

  • The only thing he can run on is abortion.

  • Everything else he has touched has turned to crap.

  • He can only run on killing more babies.

  • Remember back when Bubba Clinton was running with his ‘Safe, Legal and Rare’ campaign for abortion?

  • What happened to safe, legal and rare?

  • Now it is on demand at any stage of formation.

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Leader Mitch McConnell

  • He has basically lost his mind.

It is our policy now to either:

  1. Fund, arm, equip NATO to kill Russians

  2. We will draft your American sons and daughters to fight and kill Russians

  • Wounded Warriors

  • We see adds all the time on TV about donating to help those brave Americans that have been injured in our forever wars.

  • Why are we still doing this to our youth?

  • Why isn’t our government taking care of these people they put in harms way?

  • Why are these ads running 24/7 on Fox News?

  • Why can’t we seek peace?

  • We, the American taxpayer have already provided for their training, their uniforms, their equipment…we didn’t send them to get their legs and arms blown off.

  • It isn’t supposed to be this way!

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