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Mayorkas Looks Like Lex Luthor Because He Is Biden's Lex Luthor!

Mayorkas Looks Like Lex Luthor Because He Is Biden's Lex Luthor!

The Mike Church Show Episode 1903

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Border Security

  • Alejandro Mayorkas

  • Remember when they made the march from the House to the Senate to impeach Donald Trump?

  • Remember they had armed guards pushing this dolly of reams of ‘incriminating documents’ to Get the Don?

  • The Republicans did the march/walk to impeach Mayorkas but they didn’t have a dolly full of ‘evidence’.

  • QUESTION: Who was impeached and they actually impeached him?

  • ANSWER: Alcee Hastings

  • Impeachment never stops anyone in the shell game of government.

  • Alejando really does look like Lex Luthor.

  • I don’t think this will go the way the Biden Regime thinks it is going to go.

  • I don’t think there are 10 Democrats that will vote to impeach Mayorkas.

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HEADLINE: Mayorkas-Linked NGO Caught Distributing Fliers to Illegal Aliens Directing Them to Vote For Joe Biden by Debra Heine

  • This isn’t just some flyer written in crayon.

  • Someone paid for this and they are being distributed at all immigrant shelters and sanctuary cities.

  • News Reports from Boston - they arrested 4 child rapist in ONE morning.

  • ALL of which had been previously arrested and released back into the community.

  • They let these monsters go!

  • The American Woman is the target of all of this!

  • Once upon a time the Democrat party was the party of Feminism.

  • Those women used to run the show.

  • The Democrat party used to be the party OF the Woman.

  • Now they want to elevate men to be the women of their generation.

  • These are young males raping young females and they aren’t supposed to be here anyway.

  • I must say what a change of the guard.

  • The party is completely different.

Donald Trump NYC Lawsuit

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