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Kansans Aren't Even In Kansas Anymore As Governor Parties With Trans Madness

Kansans Aren't Even In Kansas Anymore As Governor Parties With Trans Madness

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HEADLINE: Pro-Hamas Agitators Block O’Hare Airport, Golden Gate Bridge, Valero and More With ‘Aim of Causing the Most Economic Impact’ by Debra Heine

  • The anti-Israel activists targeted commerce in multiple cities, including Chicago, Oakland, San Francisco, New York, Miami, and San Antonio, in an effort “to disrupt and blockade economic logistical hubs and the flow of capital.”

  • There are people that are Christians in Gaza and yes they are being killed indiscriminately.

  • Is it a crime to wave a Palestinian flag?

  • It has parts of the Holy Land in it!

  • The Middle East has always been a disaster.

  • The “Dissenters” describe themselves as an “anti-militarism youth movement turning the tide against endless war in our communities here and abroad.”

Respect for Human Life


This is from TJ - Thomas Jefferson

This is the preamble to the Nullification of the Alien and Sedition Acts -

  • In 1798, the United States stood on the brink of war with France. The Federalist Party, which advocated for a strong central government, believed that Democratic-Republican criticism of Federalist policies was disloyal and feared that "aliens," or non-citizens, living in the United States would sympathize with the French during a war.

  • Sedition Act trials, along with the Senate's use of its contempt powers to suppress dissent, set off a firestorm of criticism against the Federalists and contributed to their defeat in the election of 1800, after which the acts were repealed or allowed to expire. The controversies surrounding them, however, provided for some of the first tests of the limits of freedom of speech and press.

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