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It’s May 1st: Calling All Men To Arms For Saint Joseph The Worker

It’s May 1st: Calling All Men To Arms For Saint Joseph The Worker

The Mike Church Show Episode 1913


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Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr

  • Burr is planning a coup basically.

  • He is going to send foreigners into the United States w/ the goal of taking over Washington and replacing Jefferson.

  • It didn’t matter Burr truly didn’t stand a chance.

  • Every Federal officer, state Marshall and county Marshall was looking for Burr.

  • Now it is said Burr was simply drunk by a campfire and had no intention of doing any of this.

  • That didn’t matter.

  • QUESTION: Why do we bring this up today?

  • Apparently Jefferson thought the Article II Treason Clause could be used against anyone that was using foreigners to try and over throw any parts of the country.

  • Well because Joe Biden is a traitor.

  • If we had a man w/ a set of stones in the Speaker Chair, he would be brought up on Treason.

  • 22 million illegals have been allowed to INFILTRATE this country.

  • That is an INVASION.

  • They are foreigners.

  • BOOM

  • Treason Air - the Biden Regime conspires w/ criminals and has them flown into the United States.

  • They get a phone and an app and they are granted parole.

  • QUESTION: What does it mean if you are out on parole?

  • You have been found guilty of a crime, you are still a ward of the state and you are in-fact a criminal.

  • QUESTION: Can parolees vote in US elections?

  • ANSWER: No

  • That sounds like treason to me, levying war against them, them being the states.

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Bill Melugin X Status: EXCLUSIVE: Internal DHS data reveals the 45+ U.S. cities that hundreds of thousands of migrants have flown into via the Biden administration's controversial "CHNV" mass parole program. The data was obtained by Homeland GOP  via a subpoena to DHS, and was provided to Fox News.

The DHS data shows that during an 8 month stretch from January through August 2023, roughly 200,000 migrants flew into the U.S. via the program, with 80% of them, (161,562) arriving in the state of Florida in four cities: Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, & Tampa.

  • Where are the officers in the United States?

The top 15 cities migrants flew into, & the numbers during this 8 month window, are below.

  1. Miami, FL: 91,821

  2. Ft. Lauderdale, FL: 60,461

  3. New York City, NY: 14,827

  4. Houston, TX: 7,923

  5. Orlando, FL: 6,043

  6. Los Angeles, CA: 3,271

  7. Tampa, FL: 3,237

  8. Dallas, TX: 2,256

  9. San Francisco, CA: 2,052

  10. Atlanta, GA: 1,796

  11. Newark, NJ: 1,498

  12. Washington, D.C.: 1,472

  13. Chicago, IL: 496

  14. Las Vegas, NV: 483

  15. Austin, TX: 171

  • DHS also revealed in the subpoena response that as of October 2023, there was a backlog about 1.6 million applicants waiting for DHS approval to fly to the U.S. via the parole program.

  • This is not going to end!

  • These guys are, in broad daylight, bringing an end to the United States.

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