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How To Beat The Big-Ed Kobayashi Maru? Pull A James T. Kirk And Change The Test!

How To Beat The Big-Ed Kobayashi Maru? Pull A James T. Kirk And Change The Test!

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From Wisdom Wednesday's Mike Church Show with special guest, Founder of CLT Exams, Jeremy Wayne Tate.

Special Guest  - Jeremy Tate

CEO of Classic Learning Test


  • There needed to be an alternative to these standardized tests for college entrance.

  • There are well over 2 dozen colleges we work with.

HEADLINE: Steubenville bishop bans Latin Mass at Franciscan University, effective immediately by Tyler Arnold

  • Catholic schools are using public school textbooks and public school exams.

  • So what makes them different than public schools?

  • They aren’t even doing daily or weekly Mass so there is NO different.

  • In Everlasting Man Chesterton seeks to demonstrate the providential ordering of history and the uniqueness of human beings in general and of the person of Jesus Christ in particular.

  • The cool kids were never the main stream.

  • The cool kids were always the outcast.

  • The cool kid now is the kids that choose to go to Christendom College.

  • The NON-normal kids are the cool kids.

  • Hillsdale and Patrick Henry College -

  • Patrick Henry College 95% came from a homeschool K-12 background.

  • Their average LSAT score is the highest in the country.

  • These students blow me away, you meet kids from these Universities, they are different, they have been formed in a different way!

  • This puts us at a huge advantage.

  • Author Bank on the website -

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  • Standardized testing isn’t just about results. At Classic Learning Test, we believe standardized testing provides an invaluable opportunity to engage students with the texts and authors that have shaped history and culture.

  • No more meaningless reading passages stripped of beauty, rich vocabulary, virtue, and intellectual rigor. CLT exams recognize the men and women who have contributed to the richness of philosophy and thought that we have inherited. Two-thirds of CLT reading and writing passages are drawn from the list of authors below.

  • Hillsdale College - refused to accept any student that was on a government backed loan.

  • They had a mission and they continued to do what they knew was right.

  • Classic Liberal Arts - they don’t teach Catholicism there but they teach a very well rounded curriculum.

  • TSC there are no majors but the students are highly recruited!

  • Same with Christendom College.

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