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How Demoncrats Turned Trump's "Hush Money" Into A "Me Too" Trial

How Demoncrats Turned Trump's "Hush Money" Into A "Me Too" Trial

The Mike Church Show Episode 1916


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Office of White House Legal Counsel

John Yoo -

  • They are going to do it folks.

  • They are going to convict Trump and they are going to use this Harlett to do it.

  • John Yoo said when the Judge allowed Stephanie Gregory Clifford aka Stormy Daniels, that was the play.

  • They didn’t care about Pecker, they didn’t care about the dude in prison they only cared about the testimony of the porn star.

  • The judge is allowing this even though it has nothing to do w/ the hush money, she is there for one reason and one reason only.

  • Why was this allowed?

  • Because the case is now about #MeToo.

“I am offering books that once retailed for $45 for $5 because we must liquidate our old inventory to make way for SPRING ADDITIONS! SHOP FOR DOZENS of $5 sale items hand selected by The KingDude himself. Hurry! There Is A Sale Ending In Just 5 Seconds!”
  • There isn’t even an attempt to make this trial about the legal case.

  • Some of you may not care b/c it is Trump and I get that but we should always care about miscarriages of justice b/c they could happen to us or to someone we love.

  • I’m looking at the excerpts of the testimonies and I am still asking what this has to do w/ the actual trial.

  • This jury is hearing all of this about the ‘Playboy’ Trump and they are going to convict him.

  • They don’t seem to care they are doing this to a former president.

  • The Democrat party is making this woman out to be the a sexual saint.

  • As if she was fine until Orange Man Bad came into her life.

  • A grave in-justice is being done.

  • Judge Merchan has allowed all of this.

  • I feel for the family, I feel for Trump and this testimony from Stephanie Gregory Clifford was salacious.

  • At the end of the day I still think Biden loses.

  • Trump knows what impact this is having on his campaign.

  • Trump knows the value of the televised world.

  • The last time he spoke was 2 days ago.

  • I just watched an episode of Supernatural - this is taken right out of Penthouse Forum.

  • Complete and total fiction but it doesn’t matter.

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