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Honey, I Shrunk The Economy!

Honey, I Shrunk The Economy!

The Mike Church Show Episode 1922


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The Catholic Traveler on X

  • Discussing how he went to Paris and attended 4 Taylor Swift concerts.

  • He explained he didn’t see anything Satanic or Witch like in any of them.

  • He also expressed how she was a great artist and the shows were wonderful.

“I am offering books that once retailed for $45 for $5 because we must liquidate our old inventory to make way for SPRING ADDITIONSSHOP FOR DOZENS of $5 sale items hand selected by The KingDude himself. Hurry! There Is A Sale Ending In Just 5 Seconds!” - Mike Church

Bidenomics and Bidenflation

TRIVIA QUESTION: What might have killed people returning to the workforce after 2018?


  • Any number after the COVID lockdowns was a re-paitriation if you will.

  • No one is making more or better stuff, this was just a return to where things WHERE prior to the COVID lockdowns.

  • I want to take you back to early 2020.

  • September of 2008 - the SubPrime Mortgage crash happened.

  • Ultimately the interest rates kicked in and it was the greatest default since the Great Depression.

  • Then the Stimulus happened.

  • It added a trillion dollars to the debt.

  • We were still stuck w/ Too Big To Fail, 2 bailouts, 2 Trillion Obamacare, Cash for Clunkers etc until Trump came along in 2016.

  • There was no pie in the sky from 2008 - 2016.

  • So Trump comes along and signs some EO’s that allowed us to breathe a little bit.

  • If government just gets out of the way, you see something amazing happen.

  • The American people are ingenious and will work their way out of holes IF the government allows them to do so.

  • Nothing has transpired that would change my mind that this was a controlled demolition.

  • This is just a continuation of Obama’s start of the controlled demolition.

  • The Biden Regime is basically making it illegal.

  • They have been so good at this demolition, they can’t seem to stop it.

  • There is no stopping some of what Biden has set into motion.

“Hush Money”, RIGGED, Trump Trial

  • Senator JD Vance and Senator Tommy Tuberville - after the trial.

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