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Elon Musk Is Right: The Cult Of Death Is Pushing Holocaust

Elon Musk Is Right: The Cult Of Death Is Pushing Holocaust

The Mike Church Show Episode 1922


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OJ Trial

  • Before the OJ car chase and trial there was no court TV.

  • I think it is a great strategy on the Republicans part to send all the Republican congressmen and women to the Trump Trial.

  • Will Speaker Mike Johnson be the VP pick of Donald Trump?

  • They are just dragging this whole trial out.

  • This is Dean Smith 4 corners - this is Biden trying to run the clock out.

  • His numbers are actually really good even though he is in the courtroom every single day.

  • This was a terrible miscalculation on the part of the Democrat party and the Biden Regime.

  • This has backfired on the Democrat party with the African American community as well.

  • They see the same injustice their family members go through.

  • This has to be one of the greatest political blunders in history.

  • Joe Biden is probably the worst since FDR.

  • Michael Cohen was such an awful witness.

  • He was coached and he wasn’t coached vey well.

  • This is truly a sham trial.

King Charles Official Portrait

  • Putting the two portraits side by side, what do you see?

  • I see an image of Baphomet.

  • Was this an accident by the artist?

  • Or was this a slight of hand to show us exactly where he stands?

  • Either the Holy Ghost is showing us what we really need to see or it was a mere accident.

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