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Earth Survives Another Liberal Earth Day, Ya God!

Earth Survives Another Liberal Earth Day, Ya God!

The Mike Church Show Episode 1907

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Earth Day Yesterday

  • The Earth survived us!

  • Yay God!

  • Are we really so foolish to think by driving an EV and installing solar panels on our home, we are doing our part to save the planet?

  • Can we out play the effects of a volcano?

  • Have you seen images of Earth from space?

  • Looks like the same planet as in the photos from our first Earth images does it not?

George Washington Converting on Death Bed

  • This was at a time when doctors were paid big money to put leaches on people.

  • Bleeding you - they would prop you up and take one of your arms, and they would hang it off the side of the bed and they’d make a small incision and they would put a bowl under it and count how much blood they took out.

  • The theory was we will drain the bad blood and allow your body to replace the blood with new blood.

Candace Owens Converts to Catholicism

Candace Owens on X: Recently, I made the decision to go home. There is of course so much more that went into this decision and that I plan to share in the future. But for now, praise be to God for His gentle, but relentless guiding of my heart toward Truth.

HEADLINE: Candace Owens announces she has joined the Catholic Church by LifeSite News

  • The photos accompanying her announcement were taken inside the Brompton Oratory in London, England, with Provost Fr. Julian Large. 

Speaker Mike Johnson

  • Is there a noticeable change in behavior?

  • Just from what we have seen, yes there is.

  • From day 1 of him having the gavel to yesterday, there was a MAJOR shift/change in him.

  • So what happened?

  • What happened to him and others like him?

  • They are sent there by you, they believe like you but when they get there, they are given their marching orders.

  • There doesn’t seem to be any human force that can turn this ship around.

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